Reconnect to Body, Sexuality & being Woman

Welcome to a woman’s path of personal transformation. Learn to occupy your body more fully, connect with your deep heart and access your full sexual potential. This six week online video course offers step by step guidance to radically shift your relationship to self, body and sexuality. Embrace the feminine to create powerful life changing shifts. Open to fresh possibilities in sex and love.

How do you relate to yourself as a woman?

Is your sexual expression fulfilling?

Do you want to go deeper into love and sex?

Soul satisfying sex and great relationships have their roots in the connection we have with our own being.

Shine new light upon how you relate to yourself as a woman. Create the inner shifts that magnetise fulfillment and flow. Meditations, tantric practices and healing arts form the heart of this program. Easy to follow downloadable audios, a community forum and the option of personal coaching anywhere in the world via skype allow you to go deep in this journey and to be supported.

Change starts with the self. Get ready to turn the beauty of your heart towards yourself.

The journey offers

A welcome home to your female body to access wisdom, feminine power and pleasure.

Deliciously simple methods to cultivate feminine energy & feminine sexuality.

Conscious sexuality practices to enliven sensitivity, expand pleasure and harness sexual energy for holistic wellbeing.

Powerful sexual discovery and re-education. Self-knowledge and the understanding of female sexuality from a tantric perspective awaken sexual confidence and open new pleasure frontiers.

Beautiful sexual healing methods to release the past, rebuild trust, and open to joy. These methods transform shame, guilt and negative cultural messages around sexuality and the female body.

Keys to sexual surrender, emotional openness and letting go into orgasm.

Embodied spiritual practice that embraces sexuality and honours woman.

A fresh vision of your body as sacred space. Nurture a beautiful relationship with the whole of your female body.

Is this program for you?

Are you curious about your full sexual potential?

Do you feel out of touch with your body or sexual libido?

Are old experiences, patterns or hurts shutting you down?

Do you feel limited in your sexual expression?

Do you struggle to orgasm?

Are you aware of aspects of your sexuality that you wish to heal?

Are you longing for more fulfilment?

Are you ready to explore new possibilities in your sexuality?

Claim your feminine fire in sexuality, heart & spirit.

Take this journey at your own pace or upgrade to receive either three or six bespoke coaching sessions anywhere in the world via skype to give you direct access to my expertise and support.



Week 1: Feminine Power & Pleasure

You’ll learn: A gorgeously simple practice that can be done in bed each morning to activate the flow of feminine energy in your body, awaken sexual energy and libido. Added to this is a delicious self-massage which is a gateway to experiencing female sexuality from a tantric perspective.


Week 2 Uniting Heart & Sex

You’ll learn: A heart meditation that brings lifelong benefits. We can heal our hearts and bodies from past experiences. I’ve worked with this method for over ten years and it keeps opening up depth and transformation, beauty and acceptance. This week’s practices clear negativity, shame, guilt and fear about sexuality and our female body. Experience the sacredness of your body.


Week 3 Ecstasy Grows as Emotions Flow

You’ll learn: How our emotions are connected with sexuality and arousal. You’ll also learn how emotional tension limits sexual sensitivity. We’ll work with a simple and incredibly fun method to release this tension and open to greater pleasure. This week’s practices powerfully enliven and awaken sexual sensitivity.


Week 4: The Subtle and the Wild

You’ll learn: A meditation that attunes you to energetic currents of pleasure and arousal. You’ll also learn an easy way to clear anger and other emotional clutter that can suppress sexual life force. This brings an immense sense of personal power and freedom.


Week 5: Deeper Pleasures

You’ll learn: A self-massage technique that opens you to richer orgasmic experience, it tunes you into G-spot or rather G-zone pleasures. This technique also offers profound healing from negative experiences that can be held in the sexual root.


Week 6: Fulfillment from Sex to Spirit

You’ll learn: How to harness sexual energy for creativity and abundance. I’ll introduce an eating meditation that can revolutionise your relationship with food. Added to this is a potent breath practice that opens the way to full bodied orgasmic bliss.


I have integrated both ancient and contemporary teachings into simple easy to learn methods that offer profound transformation.

These include:
breath practices, movement practices, self-massage, guided meditations, healing meditations, visualizations and energy exercises

Through these practices you’ll gain a deep connection with yourself and unite your sexual energy with heart and personal power. You will cultivate deep listening and the sensitivity which allows access to the heart’s intuitive wisdom. You will explore the interrelationship between the physical body and subtle bodies and discover powerful ways to access this connection for deeper orgasmic pleasures.


Each week I recommend that you dedicate a minimum of 15-20 minutes daily for the guided audio practices. These can mostly be done in bed at the start or end of each day. Also schedule a couple of longer sessions 30-45 minutes for solo sex life exercises & journalling. It’s important to go at your own pace and return and revisit practices as your journey deepens.


  • A Main Video: giving the week’s theme and overview
  • Practice Videos: here I teach the transformational practices
  • Downloadable audios: which guide you to do the practices
  • PDFs: Giving three types of exercise, solo sex life, micropractice and journalling
  1. Solo Sex Life: these are self-pleasuring exercises that directly apply what you’re learning about female sexuality
  2. Micropractice: this is a practice you can do in the space of a few breaths, it’s tiny yet potent
  3. Journal exercises: through these you explore your personal history. They deepen your understanding of self, bring healing and inspiration
  • A comment section for each week where you can ask me questions and share with the community of women taking this journey
  • The option to upgrade and receive a series of one hour bespoke coaching sessions anywhere in the world via skype to gain direct support from me


The program offers six weeks of rich content. It’s delivered with a week break in the middle so from start to finish schedule 7 weeks in your diary

You will have lifetime access to all course material so you can revisit and repeat as often as you wish.

What women say about my work:

I loved the openness, the talks on sex, the precise guidance and practical exercises, it helped me integrate my sexual energy into my heart and life.
– Sandra, UK

Spirituality is a very important part of my life, however this was a new direction to integrate it with my whole being, body and sexuality – so vital!
– Elaine, Belgium

This work has helped me to see my own life more clearly and understand my patterns. I have new choices now, I feel happier and much more sexually alive.
– Sofia, UK

I feel I have reached more through this work than a year’s therapy. Thank you so much!
– Victoria, UK

This work has given me the way to own and access my own sexuality as a source of power. I come away with many doors opened and look forward to exploring further.
– Sanja, Poland

I loved learning practices I can take home. Your explanations were so clear and I began to truly listen to my body for the first time. So nourishing.
– Katrine, Greece

I feel I have started a transformation that will enhance my life. Even my innermost hidden child has at last been heard. Thank you.
– Priti, UK

I feel I have begun a profound journey to ending shame and liberating my wild woman. I feel so alive!
– Charlotte, UK

I love your teaching, so tender and supportive, abundant in Goddess energy – thank you.
– Maia, Denmark


This course is shaped from my own personal journey of transformation and professional experience of holding retreats and workshops internationally on sexuality, tantra and meditation. I add to this insights and expertise from over fifteen years of giving personal healing sessions. I am a graduate of both the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Jason Shulman’s Non-dual Kabbalistic Healing program. I am a trained and experienced teacher, having spent a decade teaching children in the Rudolf Steiner School system.

My workshops and retreats have been held in the UK, Spain, Greece, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Thailand and the US.